vrijdag 17 mei 2013


Vandaag heb ik weer een lening uitgegeven via KIVA. En wel aan mijn naamgenote, een breiende naamgenote nog wel en ze woont in Bolivia!

Señora Miriam continues with her business of knitting blouses from yarn. She relates that things went well with the previous loan, since she used it to buy yarn wholesale. She says that it went well. She grew her business and increased her clientele and therefore her income. At this time she is applying for a loan to purchase yarn wholesale to knit blouses and thus continue increasing her working capital. She feels happy and grateful for this new opportunity that is offered to her.

Ze heeft eerder een lening via KIVA ontvangen en daar heb ik deze informatie nog van:

Miriam is 45 years old. She has 2 children. One is a boy who is 8 years old, and the other is a daughter who is 25 years old and no longer dependent on her. Miriam knits shirts by hand out of yarn. Her workshop is in her own house, which is in the Villa Fátima area. This is her first loan cycle in the institution. Miriam is going to use the loan to purchase wholesale yarn for her business. Her reason for requesting this loan is because she has a pressing need for this material, since she has an order for knitted shirts that she has to deliver. Miriam confronts challenges in her business, such as lack of payment from some customers to whom she extends credit. She is going to use the loan to buy more yarn in order to knit more shirts. Her desire for her business is to grow more and help her daughter so that she can also start in this business.

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