maandag 4 juli 2011


Ik heb weer een lening gedaan en wel aan deze groep:
Genevieve, 52 years old, is married and has eight children between 13 and 35 years old. Two of them go to school. She is the chairwoman of the group named “Romains 10:13 Plus,” made up of 26 members firmly united to receive loans from the micro-finance institution HOPE RDC in order to develop their businesses. Genevieve’s main business is sewing. She also sells drinks in her area. She has been a micro entrepreneur since 1990. Each week, her business generates a profit of $100. She likes her business and she is working hard to achieve her goal of one day opening a pastry shop. She is a loyal client of the HOPE RDC who has already received eight loans and has repaid them properly. She intends to use the next loan to purchase a new sewing machine in order to sew more items to sell and increase her profits.

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