vrijdag 12 oktober 2012


Het is weer tijd om een KIVA lening uit te geven. Deze maand heb ik gekozen voor Evelia uit Colombia:

Evelia, 68, has been working making clothes for 35 years. Evelia’s husband had been carrying out this same family tradition since he was a boy and when they got married Evelia started to help him and gradually perfected her art up to the present; in this time she’s not only sewn clothes but she’s also made crafts and lingerie. The two of them work alone in a space set aside at home where they have their workshop and they offer a great variety of products: clothing in general, pants, shirts, blouses for women and children’s clothes.

Evelia works every day from 8am until 10pm. Her customers request articles directly at her workshop and then she starts the production cycle that lasts approximately a week. Her customers vary among neighbors, individuals, referrals and firms. One of her work challenges is insufficient working capital to quickly reach her goals. Sometimes customers don’t pay for their clothes on time or don’t pay the deposit she insists on so she’s left with very little with which to purchase her raw materials.

This is why Evelia’s applying for a Kiva loan in order to have enough capital to buy fabric, thread, buttons, sheepskin, lining and other materials needed for making clothes. She hopes that with more capital she will be able to expand the business, overcome high prices and have financial freedom to buy a house of her own later on just like she dreams about doing.

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