maandag 16 juli 2012


De 25e lening is een feit. Een lid van de Rosas de Viacha Group wil investeren in stoffen:

The “Rosas de Viacha” (Viacha Roses) will start the sixth cycle in Pro Mujer as part of the Los Andes Focal Center. It has 11 members led by a governing board headed by Blanca, the President. The communal bank members carry out a variety of businesses. Among them we have: neighborhood store, clothing sales, veil sales, stocking sales, blanket sales, macramé, crafts and potato sales.

Blanca indicates that she’s been in Pro Mujer for two years having joined thanks to an invitation from a girlfriend who is a client of the institution. She currently has a business making and selling articles of clothing. She relates that she started the business years ago through a job she had; later on she set up her own shop where she works to date.

The loan she’ll take out now is to expand her merchandise. She will buy fabric from suppliers in the city of El Alto. Once production is done she will sell it in street markets in the city of La Paz. This way of working allows her to generate income to support her family the best way possible since she’s married and has five children.

When asked what she likes about Pro Mujer, she answers that she likes the health services and the credit.

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