zondag 17 juni 2012


Deze maand kreeg ik zoveel op m'n account terug gestort dat ik zonder iets bij te hoeven leggen een nieuwe lening kon uitgeven. Deze maand is mn keuze uitgegaan naar de Los Exitosos Group uit Peru.

These members belong to the Communal Bank "Los Exitosos" (The Successful Ones), which is located in the District, Province, and Department of Cusco.

One of the members, Sra. Juana, is a 63-year-old widow with two children. She works in her handicrafts business where she makes and sells items such as wallets, change purses, and woven articles. Juana also has a doll-making business. She has a small stand where she sells her crafts and handmade items. Juana works from 8am to 5pm. Through these small businesses, she is able to help her children get ahead. Her dream is to expand both of her craft businesses. Juana is requesting a loan to buy materials, such as fabrics and thread. She will also buy wallets, change purses, and woven articles to sell in her craft business.

The other members engage in businesses that involve selling refreshments, selling handicrafts, selling pastries, and sewing.

Juana is grateful to everyone who helped to fulfill her dream in this manner. Therefore, she promises to complete her payments according to the established terms.

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