maandag 19 maart 2012


De maand leen ik aan Maria Cristina  uit El Salvador:

María makes tote bags and purses out of thread and hemp. She lives with her husband, a daughter and two grandchildren. She’s worked making crafts for seven years and is also a tailor making suits and all sorts of articles of clothing her customers order from her.

She’s asking for a loan to buy a sewing machine because this new work tool will help her do her work more efficiently. María believes that through this loan she will be able to integrate this new tool growing in business and helping her family with more income.           

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Marianne zei

He Miriam, eindelijk je blog gevonden, ik had een Miriam wie ik volgde, maar zo raar, allemaal dingen die jij niet maakte...... Nou ja..... bij deze : Big Marianne is watching you!!!!
Mooie kleuren trouwens voor de tassen!! Prachtig zeg!
Liefs Marianne.