donderdag 17 november 2011


En weer was er genoeg op m'n KIVA-account gestort om een lening uit te geven. Dit maal aan een borduurster: Surriya.

Surriya has applied for a loan from Kiva partner Asasah for her decorative embroidery business. She adopted this profession of decorative embroidery to financially support her husband. He is involved in a fruit-selling business. He sells fresh seasonal fruits to his customers at reasonable rates.

She is the mother of six children: four of them also operate embroidery businesses, while the youngest two are students in 9th and 3rd grade respectively.
With the loan, she will buy embroidery material such as beads, colored thread, and sketches in bulk quantity that will allow her to fulfill the client requirements and increase her income.

She has been operating her business for past 10 years and is very confident about her business growth.
Note: In the photo, the lady holding a book (called the Asasah Passbook) is Surriya.

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