zondag 5 juni 2011


Ik heb zojuist weer een lening gedaan en wel aan Holalla Dominga Alarcón Chavez: The José Cesario Reyes communal bank meets every two weeks in the Montecristi canton, known for its rich pre-colonial culture and its art and crafts, famous both nationally and internationally. This is the place known for the straw “Panama” hats. Here we meet Holalla, 56, who is in a communal marriage and has three children, all now adults. Her husband works in maintenance of the stadium for the league of the canton. She is a wonderful housekeeper and to get money for expenses she produces handicrafts. Holalla makes cloth flowers, doll dresses and she buys unpainted wicker baskets to decorate in many colors. Once a week she takes her products to Guayaquil and delivers them to stores who buy all her merchandise. She works every day and tells us that she has been doing this for more than 20 years. She enjoys what she does and thus promotes her art. Holalla will use the loan to buy more baskets, paints, fabric and supplies for all the items that she makes. She has been with the communal bank since the beginning and is its president. She likes the bank because the loans have helped her in many of the difficult periods that she has had. Her dream is to have good health.

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