vrijdag 15 april 2011


Vandaag zag ik dat ik weer zoveel terug ontvangen had van de uitstaande leningen bij KIVA dat ik weer een lening kon uitgeven. Deze keer is het Fabiola De Jesús Agudelo Ganan geworden.
Since she was very young, Fabiola has had a great ability for crafting. It is an art form that she developed into her way to earn a living after she separated from her husband and she was left in charge of the household and her two children. Since then she has made crafts for sale, in order to come out ahead as the head of the household. Although she currently makes her crafts from the comfort of her home this enterprising woman wants to expand her business and to earn recognition for increasing her sales and for providing her family with a better future. Fabiola needs a loan to purchase materials and to expand her portfolio of products in order to capture more clients and grow incrementally.

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