vrijdag 18 februari 2011


Vandaag zag ik dat mijn uitstaande leningen bij KIVA weer voor een deel afgelost waren. Ik moest nog geen 2 euro bijleggen om weer een lening uit te geven, dus dat heb ik dan ook gedaan. Mijn nieuwste lening is gedaan aan de Aigul Akhmedova's Group. De info hieronder is gekopieerd vanuit KIVA: Aigul Akhmedova, 51, is the treasurer of this group. She is involved in the production of national items such as clothing, souvenirs and blankets. Now, looking back at how she started and the stages she has gone through, Aigul realizes how far she’s come. Her business made its first steps in 2007, when she just gave birth to her daughter and was trying to figure out how she could make money while staying at home with two kids. Aigul was inspired by her baby girl, for whom she used to knit woolen socks and sweaters. Sitting for long hours in the evenings, she came up with an idea. What if she tried to sell these items? Aigul thought of potential customers and started offering them her goods. Her husband, who works as a driver in a cement producing plant, was amused by his wife’s talent and creativity. Now her production has moved into bigger items. Three years of creativity and hard work have brought brilliant results. The family could afford to build a brand new house with two bedrooms. The revenue is spent partially on family needs and savings, and some of it is invested back in the business. Aigul requests a loan from Kiva to buy materials for sewing tushaks, special Kyrgyz blankets which are ordered as a dowry for brides.

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