woensdag 22 december 2010

Weer een lening via Kiva uitgegeven.

Omdat een paar van de uitstaande KIVA-leningen zich aan mij aan het terugbetalen zijn, had ik weer voldoende 'credits' om iemand geld te lenen. Deze keer is m'n oog gevallen op een dame die geld nodig heeft voor haar bedrijf. Hier de (engelstalige) omschrijving: Joaquina operates a decorations workshop where she manufactures bedding, clothing, bathroom linen sets, curtains, tablecloths, etc. She is a married woman with 3 children. Her biggest challenge is to have a store to decorate weddings and other events. She loves to read. Joaquina is a member of the group "Luz en Desarrollo 1" which translates to "Development light". The group is in Los Alcarrizos which is located north of the city of Santo Domingo which is a very industrialized city with a large population. Los Alcarrizos is dependent on the companies and economy of Santo Domingo. Like in many other cities, Los Alcarrizos has a shortage of drinking water and electricity and includes a Dominican population as well as a population of Haitian immigrants. Joaquina is very happy to be receiving her fourth loan with field partner Esperanza Internacional. With this loan she hopes to be able to get ahead and to have a successful business. She plans on investing her loan in purchasing various materials like thread, linen and accessories to make different styles of decorations. She plans on saving her profits. She wants to have a local business and she is dreaming to have it soon. She wants to dedicate her time to improve her business and start other projects.

Ohohoh I ♥ KIVA!!!

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Wat fijn dat je dat kan en mag doen.