zondag 20 juli 2014


Vandaag 2 leningen kunnen uitgeven, heerlijk om te kunnen doen vind ik. De eerste is voor een man deze keer, Carlos Fernando uit Colombia:

Carlos is a young man with great drive and entrepreneruship. Ever since he finished his studies, he was determined to find a business that would generate good income for him and would allow him to be independent. This is how he began one year ago with a business of billiards and games of chance in the municipality of MedellĂ­n.

It is quite a popular business in the district, and it has become a meeting point for youth and adults.

With so little time in the market, he already has a certain level of recognition, thanks to his good management.

He is applying for a loan to improve the premises in the area where the billiard tables are located, since he wants to make it much more attractive and comfortable for his customers. In addition, he wants to buy a stock of beverages, liquors, and fried foods to increase his sales.

He offers employment to a cousin and wants to generate other positions.

De tweede lening is voor Jackline uit Kenia:

Kiva lenders! Meet Jackline, who is 34 years of age and hails from the Nyamira area of Kenya, an area that has good weather patterns that favor farming. Jackline is a kind, loving mother of two children and has been farming for the last two years. Due to the good weather patterns that are experienced in Nyamira, Jackline has been able to practice mixed farming--that is, dairy farming and crop farming. Through these ventures Jackline has been able to support her family and always put food on the table. Jackline is very proud of farming and cherishes every moment that she is on her farm.

Although Jackline has been making profits, not everything has been rosy. There are challenges that she is facing on her farm and in her life because of inadequate finances. Jackline is seeking a loan of 50,000 KES to be able to start banana farming. Coming from a region where the cash crop is bananas and everybody grows bananas, Jackline wants to take advantage of the good weather patterns experienced there and the demand for bananas and turn that dream into more cash.

Because of the increasing client base and market, Jackline is sure that she will reap more profits and be able to provide for her family and ensure a secure future for her two adorable kids. More profits will translate to a flourishing business and hence she will be able to increase and start other business ventures through the accumulated profits. Jackline has gone through the repayment schedule and is very comfortable with the payments, and she is sure that through the accumulated profits from selling bananas she will impact the society.

Jackline feels relieved to know that there are people and institutions that support and generate opportunities to progress and for this reason she is very optimistic that the loan will be of much help and she will progress in life.

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