zaterdag 19 april 2014


Het is weer tijd voor een KIVA lening. Deze keer aan de Bebiyereye Group uit Mali.

In this Group: Fatoumata , Assétou , Kadia , Niagalé , Alimatou
Married mostly into polygamous households, the five members of the Bebiyereye group are, on average, 34 years old and have four children. They all live in Djelibougou, one of the neighborhoods in Bamako, and they know each other from family, friendship, and neighborhood ties and from their work in the Djelibougou market.

The group members engage in small-scale commerce selling different types of used clothing, firewood, charcoal, and cosmetics. In order to increase their business funds, the group members decided to collaborate with Soro Yiriwaso. This is their first group loan.

Alimatou (the woman standing on the far right in the photo) is a grand merchant selling different types of high quality used clothing. She plans to use her loan to buy a bale of clothing from Bamako. Sales will be made at retail in the market and from traveling around to a mixed group of customers.

From this loan, Alimatou plans to earn an average monthly profit of 60,000 francs CFA which will be reinvested back into her business and will be used to support her household expenses.

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