dinsdag 16 april 2013


Zo, het is weer tijd om een KIVA lening uit te geven. Helaas niet helemaal uit m'n account kunnen bekostigen, maar voor 13 euro heb ik weer iemand kunnen helpen. Deze keer aan Irma Elisa:

The San Antonio Aguas Calientes duo includes Irma Elisa, who is the leader of the group. She is 32 years old. She has two children, one who is seven years old and one who is 5 years old, who currently go to school in her town. She makes her living creating traditional San Antonio huipils [traditional woven tunics]; she has been distributing them in her community for 22 years. She makes two huipils per month with the help of an employee.

Irma Elisa's dream is to be able to sell more of her weavings in other departments [of Guatemala]. She is requesting her loan for the purchase of materials for creating her weavings like thread in a variety of colors and thread for the warp [the lengthwise threads held in tension over the loom]; that way, she will be able to help her family by making more huipils and satisfying her customers, as she has several orders for weavings.

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