zondag 22 januari 2012


Het uitgeleende geld stond weer bijgeschreven op m'n KIVA account dus het was weer tijd om een lening uitgeven (de 18e keer al!). Deze keer aan Ladislaa Alvarez:

Ladislaa is 44 years old, and she is married. She says that she is an artisan. She embroiders all variety of things. She makes AoPoi and lienzo (loose weave cotton) cloth-- blouses, shirts, place mats, and other items for later sale.

She says that she learned the trade from her late mother. With much sacrifice she’s been able to pay the family bills day to day with the sale of her crafts. She notes that she would like for her crafts to one day go abroad and be well known.

Ladislaa comes to Fundación Paraguaya to get a little help to buy fabrics (AoPoi and Lienzo) which is the most useful for what she does. She thanks the foundation and Kiva for the opportunity that they’ve given her, since the loan will be a great help.            

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