maandag 22 november 2010

Ik liep wat achter met m'n KIVA mededelingen hier.

Ondertussen heb ik 4 microkredieten uitstaan (en 2 zijn er al aan het terug betalen, dus het loopt goed) De twee die ik nog niet vermeld heb zijn: Las Muñequitas Mineras Group. This group is called “Las Muñequitas Mineras” (The Little Mining Bracelets) because they live near the mines that lie along a tourist corridor. The members are from the city of Pachuca, which is part of the municipality of Mineral de la Reforma in the State of Hidalgo. This group consists of eleven members. Sra. Lucia Camargo is one of the group members. She is 44 years old and has four children (ages 13, 14, 11, and 7). Lucia produces and sells napkins (both embroidered and woven) for friends, acquaintances, and birthdays. She says she wants to invest her loan in supplies for her business. Her greatest wish is to be able to provide her children with an education so that they can get ahead in life. En sinds vandaag ook Gladys Miriam Apolinario Pezo: Gladys is 44 years old. She provides her services as a nurse and gynecologist in a peri-urban area. She lives with her husband and two children in a place in Perimetral de Guayaquil, an area which is surrounded by a salt marsh. Since she was very young, Gladys has always liked to help people to improve their lives. When she started university she decided to specialize in gynecology. She didn't just want to become a doctor but also wanted to help people where she lived who couldn't afford medical treatment. She set up her business in “Bastión Popular”, providing nursing and gynecological services at very affordable prices. She currently provides her services as a doctor in premises which are located in her own home and in the “Bastión” area. She also helps women who want to improve themselves and haven't had the opportunity to study, teaching them to perform medical check-ups and plan their family lives. In order to continue helping women, she would like to use her loan to buy nursing and gynecological materials. In the future, she would like to open a new doctor's office in the south of the city since that is where most people who haven't had the opportunity to improve themselves live. Zo, dat is weer netjes bijgewerkt voor m'n blog. Snel weer bezig met de verhuizing!

2 opmerkingen:

Marijke zei

Krijg je je geld dan terug dat je inzet? Zo had ik 't eerst niet begrepen...

Miriam zei

Ja, als het goed gaat wel. Je geeft een lening uit. Je loopt wel het risico dat je het geld niet terugkrijgt, maar ja: dat hoort nu eenmaal bij het lenen. Maar het terugbetaalpercentage van Kiva is behoorlijk hoog, iets van 98% wordt daadwerkelijk terugbetaald.