dinsdag 19 augustus 2014


Er stond weer voldoende tegoed op m'n KIVA account om een lening uit te geven (de 56e, hoe bestaat het!) Deze keer aan Agdia Isabel uit Nicaragua.

Agdia Isabel is a middle-aged woman who is married with four grown-up, independent children. She is from one of the villages in Chinandega loacted in the western part of the country. She is known for being an enterprising, hard-working and responsible woman who really wants to get ahead.

Agdia is a microentrepreneur who has a sewing workshop in her home where she designs and makes all kinds of clothing for children, adults, and gentlemen. She also repairs clothes and sells natural products. She has six electric sewing machines and two large tables where she does the cutting.

She comes from a poor family, so she left school after secondary school to help out with the household expenses. She learned this business from a very young age, which is hers now and which has helped her to support her children. She buys her inputs from local stores and markets, and sells her clothing in exchange for cash and sometimes credit, which she collects soon afterwards.

One of her dreams is to have better conditions in her workshop and finish making improvements to her business. The aim of this loan is to invest working capital in buying raw materials such as thread, needles, tape, lace, fabrics in different styles, types and colours, zips, buttons, lining, scissors and other items.

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