dinsdag 3 juni 2014


In this Group: Gladys, Maria, Lucila, Maria, Ramona, Felicia, Petrona, Stela, Petrona, Mariza, Ana, Margarita, Manuela, Lourdes, Lorena, Nancy, Maria*
* not pictured
This group is in its twelfth cycle of the Women's Committee Program. They are all hard working women who above all are fighters. They are also doing the poverty elimination survey so that they can grow and get ahead.

Lucila is improving her poverty situation according to the survey. This is thanks to her work in clothing. She is very good at what she does, which is why her situation is getting better.

Lucila is asking for this loan to buy fabrics and needles so she can continue selling clothes. She is grateful for this opportunity which will help her a lot.

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