dinsdag 17 juni 2014


Wederom een KIVA lening kunnen geven, deze keer aan Claudia Cristina uit  Colombia:

Only a true hero could recover from a serious fall, and nothing about Señora Claudia's recovery from a serious leg injury that required surgery and left her unable to walk for over a year was easy.

Claudia has a business making mops, dustpans, and brooms, skills that she learned working in a similar business. Claudia's average weekly production is strong, but she faces a serious problem: she brings the products that she's made home, and although it's great to produce a high volume of goods, carrying the weight is terrible for her leg. Claudia is therefore applying for a loan to purchase raw materials that will allow her to increase production further and allow her to hire someone to help her.

Claudia has a simple dream: to keep growing her business slowly, taking short but firm steps towards financial stability.

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