woensdag 12 maart 2014


Vandaag een extra lening uitgegeven via KIVA. De keuze is deze keer gevallen op Natela uit Georgia:

Natela, 68 years old, is from Batumi city, in western Georgia. She lives with her two sons and pensioned sister. One of her sons works at the Ministry of Agriculture and earns 800 GEL monthly. Natela works at a folk art school and gets a fixed salary. In order to increase her family's income, Natela requested a loan and was approved within the joint initiative between Kiva and Credo. She will use the requested money to repair a house and then rent it. The city where she lives has a great location, since it is bordered by the Black Sea, and has many tourists seasonally. Natela will rent the house at a good price to generate more income. She awaits your support.

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