zaterdag 18 augustus 2012


In this Group: Astou, Djondji, Kardiatou, Banna, Aissatou, Fatoumata, Rokhya, Adia Maimouna, Awa, Awa, Aissata, Dienabou Yero, Diamy, Diouly, Aissatou, Safy, Oumou, Dienaba, Maimouna, Dienabou Mama, Haby, Dienaba, Sirayel , Lucie, Mariatou, Nene Galle, Aissatou, Kardiatou, Fanta, Sakou, Fatoumata Ibou, Fatoumata, Kadiatou, Marie, Dienabou
This group, made up of women bound together by a very strong relationship based on solidarity and looking out for one another, is on its first loan cycle. They all live in the same neighborhood.

Astou (seated, in the second row, on the far right) is the highlighted borrower. She is 43 years old, married, and mother of four boys and two girls. Her work consists of buying rolls of fabric for making sheets that will be sold for credit, with a maximum length of two months.

With this loan, she plans to buy 60 meters of fabric, 10 spools of pakistani thread, patches, and glitter.

The profit from this business will allow her to increase her savings and improve the standard of living of both her family and herself.

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