maandag 16 april 2012


Er stond weer een leuk tegoed op m'n KIVA account (ik moest nog geen 2 euro bijleggen) dus ik heb weer een lening uitgegeven:

The “El Atardecer” (Dusk) group is composed of 9 women and one man; all are very responsible, hardworking people.

Angélica is one of the El Atardecer group members. She’s 32 years old and is currently living with David who works as a bricklayer; they have four children three of which attend elementary school and the youngest who is four years old still hasn’t started school.

Angélica raises sheep. She cares for them, cleans them, and gives them their shots when they are sick. She is asking for the loan to buy five sheep and what’s left over will be to buy grass. She’s been in business three years now and for the moment only has two sheep at home.

She tells us that her greatest challenge is when the animals get sick and die; that’s a great loss both in profits and of investment. And everyone’s problem is the lack of resources to buy more sheep or other animals.

Angélica’s goal is to have her own house because she’s currently living with her in-laws; this is why profits from the sale of her sheep will be to build her house.

She is very grateful to FRAC and to KIVA for the loan they’ve granted her because with it she’ll be able to improve her and her children’s quality of life.

The entire group in general is very grateful for the loan granted which will be invested in their various activities; Lucrecia in a tire repair shop, Elia will buy chicks, Adela in her grocery store, Inés will buy clothes, Graciela in her store and stationery shop, Mónica in clothes, Ángeles in her recycling center, Víctor and Carmen in sheep.            

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