woensdag 20 juli 2011


Gisteren zag ik op de site van Kiva dat er weer een leuk bedrag aan uitstaande leningen terug betaald was dus ik heb weer een lening gedaan. Deze keer aan Zarina's groep in Pakistan:

Zarina is a working lady sewing clothes for her neighbor clients. She is very skillful in her work and her customers like her designs. They give her regular orders every month. Zarina has four children. All of them are enrolled in a local school and getting their education. Her husband is a contractor and builds houses and buildings on contract. Both Zarina and her husband work very hard so they can afford their children's school fees and put three meals on the table. Zarina has applied for a loan from Kiva's partner Asasah for the further expansion of her sewing business. With this loan, she will buy a new sewing machine that will allow her to finish the orders on time and earn better profits. She is very experienced in her work as she has been doing it for the past 10 years. She is confident that a loan will be productive for her. Zarina is a regular client of Asasah and this is her second loan application. In previous loan years, she has established good credit behavior and never missed a meeting. In the photo, the lady with a book (an Asasah passbook) is Zarina.

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